Depending on your financial status, we commit to secure your best possibility.

Get the system to work for you

We get you to take advantage of the fact that each bank has different credit criteria, deposit requirements, documentation requirements, interest rates and turn-around times.

Faster Approvals

With dedicated personnel, we keep track of application through different channels of the lender(s) for faster approvals.

Expert positioning

We prepare, motivate and package the application with multiple lenders simultaneously according to their processing criteria for more chances of approval.

Savings earned

We negotiate with the different lender(s) for the best deal and structure the deal in the best way to reduce the total cost and you pay only for what you want.

Independent advice

With dedicated personnel, we ensure personalized and prompt services starting from completing paper formalities including submission to timely feedback on the status of your application with the lender(s).

Why Finance Desk Mortgage Advisory?

"Trusted relationships with leading lenders, Over 10 years of experience in the UAE, Unbiased advice and cost-effective options, Straightforward, tailored, and transparent package"


Our Approach

We are always ''neutral'' in our approach to meeting our objective but always keep our client's interest in the forefront. Finance Desk is an entity independent from the lender.


About Firm

Finance Desk is a consulting firm engaged in facilitating and procuring mortgages in the United Arab Emirates since 2011. We are a one-point centre for individuals providing mortgage solutions from different lenders.